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Registered since 2005, Trios Human Development Foundation and its flag ship organizations: Trios Foundation Institute and the International Center for Community Peace is without doubt a leading organization in promoting peaceful families and communities.

In 2009, Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Presidency, funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) invited several organizations and stakeholders in peace building from the various zones across Nigeria to strategize on sustaining peace and resolving conflicts in Nigeria, Trios was an active participant at the various meetings and also participated in the numerous trainings and peace building activities across Nigeria that were held afterwards. Some of the activities include drafting of the National Peace Policy and Mainstreaming Gender in Peace Building Processes among others.

Peace has to be home grown and, like every development strategy, the bottom – up approach in designing training strategies is more appropriate to achieve sustainable results. Most community leaders, family heads, unskilled labor groups, market women and youth leaders in semi urban and rural areas usually do not have the time or see the  need for university education in peace studies, therefore the need for easy access to capacity building to manage peace sustainably and conflict resolution.

Trios Human Development Foundation has trained participants drawn from rural community leaders who do not speak English, the purpose of this website project is to enable every visitor to the site learn some skills and also to use the lectures to organize seminars at work places, places of worship and other small group meetings in any convenient local language.

We are mindful that Nigeria, as is the trend globally, is no doubt in a seemingly fragile state with increasing numbers of violent clashes across the country. The populace is subjected to structural, socio-economic and emotional violence, terrorism and anti-terrorism violence rage with the Biafra and Niger Delta crisis re-emerging, there is the Boko Haram insurgency in the North, cattle herdsmen versus farmers; in several states, ethno-religious conflicts, spates of communal clashes, boundary disputes, indigene–settlers violence, kidnapping is rife – even traditional rulers are kidnapped, rape, unsolved murder cases, suicides, intra and inter political party conflicts have all become rife and marginalized groups have become breeding grounds for various types of militias.

The nation swings between violent clashes, some level of war, instability and peace all of which are having untold impact on meaningful sustaining development, social and economic growth at Local, State and National level. Despite government efforts, increasing level of poverty, challenges of drug abuse and youth unemployment juxtaposed with increasing information sharing capacities all make it most important to draw attention and build skills of all stakeholders: policy makers in corporate organizations, community leaders, women, youths, artisans especially at the grass roots to manage peace and handle conflicts constructively in order to achieve desirable results sustainably.

The permanent site of Trios Foundation Institute is at Reke near Ilorin and training has started at our temporary site at No 22, Obbo Road in Ilorin, Kwara State. Trios Human Development Foundation is listed with the Federal Inland Revenue Service as a registered charity.

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